Begrudgingly, I remaining returning to exactly what Alan Kazdin, a professor out-of psychology and you will kid psychiatry from the Yale School, told you during 2009 when you look at the a commonly quoted report: “It’s remarkable whenever decades away from therapy research we can’t give an evidence-centered reasons based on how otherwise why also all of our most better-read treatments write changes.”

To help you complicate matters, several education for the past couples many years reach just what seems a good counterintuitive end: that every psychotherapies possess around equivalent consequences. This really is known as the “dodo bird decision” – called shortly after a character in Alice in wonderland (1865) who announces immediately after a running tournament: “All of us have claimed and all sorts of have to have honours.” You to no types of procedures have turned-out superior to someone else you’ll come once the a shock so you can members, but it is mightily common so you’re able to researchers around. Read the rest of this entry »