You to definitely element of the bill have removed complaint off reform proponents; the latest addition regarding demanding Evaluator so you’re able to think date-revealing ranging from parents is actually equal. Rodriguez claims it failed to become more wrong. According to Rodriguez, “The reason we integrated one to on expenses would be the fact we need the youngsters are at the forefront of divorce and you may break up – the reason is the fact Needs the kids getting what truly matters extremely.” He continues to express, “Usually the opposition states it can be made use of while the power, but it’s not on which the mother and father are going thanks to, In my opinion one to pupils inside an average household belong which have both mothers.” Rodriguez continues, “Which costs isn’t an enthusiastic anti-alimony statement, it isn’t a gender issue both, this will be an equivalence topic, this will be a bill regarding equity and it’s really a statement you to prioritizes the kids.”

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